Gumpalan Zine

Gumpalan zine is the latest project of Warmwild.

The idea rose from the trash bin of a fancy paper distributor in Surabaya. At the time, we felt this is a brilliant thing to do. We got so much things to say to the world yet we want to do it in a-bit-hard way. So we came up with the zine.

The materials, of course, are free [the contents are infinite. but we take rupiahs] we printed gumpalan zine by silkscreen technique which make each of them distinct. Please notice, the contents are mainly visual. in case you might want to put it on your bedroom wall.

One more good thing from gumpalan, it includes in one of the cycle of reduce-reuse-recycle. Gosh, we are so environmentally friendly we dig trash bins. 

If you wanna get one [or more] copy of gumpalan zine, contact

Enjoy it.

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