The Bore Jobs

The Bore Jobs is a series of animation talking about bore. 
There are three series of bore: Love is A Bore, Waiting is A Bore, and Cute is A Bore.
The main character is The Monster. He appears in the three series of The Bore Jobs.
He is the embodiment of bore-killer and has only one solution for bore. Eat it.

Now, why bore? 
Well, the feeling of bore is a common thing. It happens to every human, not that we know animals and plants experience this feeling as well.
We thought to take this bore to the next level: video, which encompasses all the representative medias we want. We would also like the video to be the animated version of classic zombie films kind of style [which we love them so much]. So whenever the bore strikes, we can always smile and reminisce The Monster eating it to pieces.

The video uses stopmotion technique with pure human sounds.

Check out the first issue: Love is a bore

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